RHI reaps 7m for Mid-Ulster firms

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

ALMOST 7 million has been claimed by businesses across Mid-Ulster under the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme.

The figures, released by the Department for the Economy, include the names of all limited companies and limited liability partnerships that have received support payments under the scheme above a threshold of 5,000, for the period from the opening of the scheme in 2012 to 28th February, 2017.

Across this timeframe, 91 companies based in Mid-Ulster had 198 boilers installed.
The scheme has come under much criticism as, unlike a similar scheme in England, there was no cap on the payments.

This meant many businesses were able to profit from the scheme.
Caps were eventually introduced to the scheme in November 2015, before it was closed to new applicants in February 2016.

The Dungannon area contains the claimant who has received the largest amount of money through the scheme.

Paul Hobson Ltd has received just under 660,000 from 13 wood pellet heating systems.
Mr Hobson is one of the biggest poultry farmers supplying Moy Park and is based on the Mullybrannon Road.

He says his site is one of the few audited by Ofgem, that inspection taking place in November 2015, and was given a clean bill of health.

Mr Hobson confirmed he has made only 80,000 in profit on the scheme, having spent 426,000 on wood pellets, 75,000 on electricity to run the system, 12,000 on boiler servicing, 10,000 on parts and 57,000 on interest payments for the loans which financed the investment.

He said: "I do realise it was open to abuse in this country because of the way it was set up - it should have been tiered, the way it is in England. I would have had no problem with that."
The local claimants of the scheme are listed below. There is no suggestion any of the companies listed have committed any wrongdoing by signing up to this government funded scheme.

Acheson and Glover Precast Ltd, 27,600.66
Acheson and Glover Precast Ltd, 30,507.19
Acheson and Glover Precast Ltd, 34,416,23
Acheson and Glover Precast Ltd, 50,543.44
Acheson and Glover Precast Ltd, 52.297,88
Acheson and Glover Precast Ltd, 53.369.70
Acheson and Glover Precast Ltd, 53,475,84
ACL Developments Ltd, 7,209,13
All Spares ATVs Ltd, 46,174.37
All Spares ATVs Ltd, 28,484.74
Altmore Farm Ltd, 45,866.87
Altmore Farm Ltd, 44,786,34
Altmore Farm Ltd, 43,032,60
An Charraig Mhor GFC, 14,880.24
Annagarvey Holdings Ltd, 8,333.41
Armagh Business Park Ltd, 30,909.58
Armagh Cider Company Ltd, 9,826.61
Armagh Cider Company Ltd, 17,365.98
Augher Castle Limited, 15,097.56
Ballynakilly Ltd, 30,924.07
Ballynakilly Ltd, 31,193.74
Ballynakilly Ltd, 37,093.07
Ballynakilly Ltd, 47,504.70
Ballynakilly Ltd, 63,670.52
Brantry Church, 15,291.60
Cabragh House Farm Ltd, 52,265.70
Cabragh House Farm Ltd, 53,765.07
Cabragh House Farm Ltd, 51,638.53
Cabragh House Farm Ltd, 55,475.74
Caledon Estate Company, 37,363.29
Cap Farms Ltd, 64,290.15
Cap Farms Ltd, 60,549.56
Capper Trading Ltd, 37,295.28
Capper Trading Ltd, 42,753.38
Cardwell Brothers Engineering Ltd, 34,181.14
Cardwell Brothers Engineering Ltd, 44,012.45
Cardwell Brothers Engineering Ltd, 15,282.64
Cloughbane Farm Foods Ltd, 5,123.75
CMG Energy Services Ltd, 17,292.85
CMG Energy Services Ltd, 29,943.67
CMG Energy Services Ltd, 10,194.14
CMG Energy Services Ltd, 19,355.33
CMG Energy Services Ltd, 6,151.96
CMG Energy Services Ltd, 9,048.47
Colloide Engineering Systems Ltd, 5,438.71
Corkhill Care Centre, 15,482.79
Cornamaddy Farms Ltd, 48,555.92
Cornamaddy Farms Ltd, 48,701.94
Cornamaddy Farms Ltd, 46,006.36
D&O Poultry Ltd, 7,889.70
D&R Moffett Ltd, 52,283.79
D&R Moffett Ltd, 46,655.57
D&R Moffett Ltd, 49,689.34
Daly Poultry Ltd, 15,795.00
Dalys Carrickmore Ltd, 34,352.02
Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (Loughry College), 2,601.15
Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (Loughry College), 9,363.69
DJC Poultry Ltd, 37,216.67
DJC Poultry Ltd, 43,475.27
Donaghmore District Community Association (DDCA), 9,656.04
Drumlea Poultry Ltd, 10,195.16
DS Farms Ltd, 8,248.35
Ewing Farms Ltd, 47,572.26
Ewing Farms Ltd, 48,024.38
Ewing Farms Ltd, 47,503.62
Ewing Farms Ltd, 48,101.35
Ewing Farms Ltd, 50,401.52
Ewing Farms Ltd, 47,574.75
FP McCann Ltd, 22,552.57
FP McCann Ltd, 24,016.95
Fairlawns Care Home, 57,711.01
Galbally Youth & Community Association, 19,950.96
Glenavon House Hotel (1982) Ltd, 80,899.44
Glenavon House Hotel (1982) Ltd, 86,210.69
Gormley Engineering Works Ltd, 11,041.46
Gradeall International Ltd, 32,655.18
Greystone Joinery and Construction Ltd, 27,915.21
Greystone Joinery and Construction Ltd, 17,468.97
Hegan Farms Ltd, 53,598.97
Hegan Farms Ltd, 52,034.92
Hegan Farms Ltd, 48,578.09
Hegan Farms Ltd, 49,577.87
Hegan Farms Ltd, 42,730.70
Hegan Farms Ltd, 32,170.12
Hegan Farms Ltd, 36,820.97
Hegan Farms Ltd, 36,457.47
Henry Sinnamon Ltd, 52,928.21
Henry Sinnamon Ltd, 54,584.78
Henry Sinnamon Ltd, 57,622.23
Hillcrest Centre Ltd, 43,098.21
Hillcrest Centre Ltd, 44,222.00
Home Farm Mushrooms Ltd, 13,946.94
Home Farm Mushrooms Ltd, 24,345.65
Irwin Farm Supplies Ltd, 15,518.70
J Stockdale & Son Ltd, 20,566.49
Johnston Poultry Sales Ltd, 41,502.03
Johnston Poultry Sales Ltd, 43,768.87
Johnston Poultry Sales Ltd, 50,035.21
Joseph Barrett and Sons Ltd, 19,760.86
Joseph Barrett and Sons Ltd, 25,616.52
Joseph Barrett and Sons Ltd, 28,215.40
K Hughes And Co Ltd, 17,128.54
Keenaghan Mushrooms Ltd, 26,624.75
Kelso Car Sales Ltd, 24,826.70
Kelso Car Sales Ltd, 31,152.42
Kilsannagh Mushrooms Ltd, 43,222.36
Lower Corr Poultry Farm Ltd, 50,425.55
Lower Corr Poultry Farm Ltd, 46,495.52
M Keys Farms Ltd, 44,914.45
M Keys Farms Ltd, 40,320.37
Mallaghan Engineering Limited, 15,332.08
Mallaghan Engineering Limited, 16,884.22
Mallaghan Engineering Limited, 19,853.02
Mallaghan Engineering Limited, 21,435.58
Mallaghan Engineering Limited, 21,497.79
Mallaghan Engineering Limited, 23,439.72
Mallaghan Engineering Limited, 23,601.56
Mallaghan Engineering Limited, 31,137.45
MCD Engineering Ltd, 44,134.73
McGarrity Bros Ltd, 23,475.74
McGeary Metals Ltd, 13,723.48
McGeary Metals Ltd, 8,008.54
McMullan & O'Donnell Ltd, 23,458.70
McMullan & O'Donnell Ltd, 20,146.62
Meteor Electrical Ltd, 11,601.29
Meteor Electrical Ltd, 20,123.43
Meteor Electrical Ltd, 25,813.42
Michael Nugent Ltd, 33,016.40
Michael Nugent Ltd, 13,227.97
MK Surface Treatment Ltd, 26,226.83
MK Surface Treatment Ltd, 34,677.95
Moneymore Heritage Trust, 19,708.85
Mountain View Farm Ltd, 65,010.89
Mountain View Farm Ltd, 69,629.70
Mountain View Farm Ltd, 76,659.25
Mountain View Farm Ltd, 69,385.51
Mountain View Farm Ltd, 64,123.39
Mountain View Farm Ltd, 53,000.79
Mountain View Farm Ltd, 74,162.41
Moy Park, 9,555.84
Moy Park, 8,585.79
MP Poultry Ltd, 81,279.24
MP Poultry Ltd, 84,296.87
MP Poultry Ltd, 68,583.43
Mullan Poultry Ltd, 48,911.79
Mullan Poultry Ltd, 38,059.74
Murphy Joinery Ltd, 44,551.10
Murphy Joinery Ltd, 12,614.38
National Trust (The Argory), 6,005.90
National Trust (The Argory), 3,448.73
Newell Stores (Coalisland) Ltd, 13,666.43
Newell Stores (Coalisland) Ltd, 16,921.80
Newell Stores (Dungannon) Ltd, 11,420.41
Newell Stores (Dungannon) Ltd, 29,209.03
NMC Haulage Ltd, 28,956.19
NMC Haulage Ltd, 41,695.05
NMC Haulage Ltd, 13,374.02
Noel Smith Ltd, 92,151.89
Noel Smith Ltd,95,380.24
Norhil Poultry Ltd, 6,750.79
O'Kane Plumbing and Electrics Limited, 8,211.59
O'Kane Plumbing and Electrics Limited, 10,273.84
Paul Hobson Ltd, 5,389.35
Paul Hobson Ltd, 5,425.34
Paul Hobson Ltd, 7,208.36
Paul Hobson Ltd, 51,047.46
Paul Hobson Ltd, 52,486.08
Paul Hobson Ltd, 52,754.06
Paul Hobson Ltd, 53,198.03
Paul Hobson Ltd, 53,715.43
Paul Hobson Ltd, 54,380.24
Paul Hobson Ltd, 54,809.38
Paul Hobson Ltd, 56,002.77
Paul Hobson Ltd, 100,857.06
Paul Hobson Ltd, 112,267.25
Q Mac Silos Limited, 27,194.54
Q Mac Silos Limited, 28,442.58
R&M Greenkeeper Ltd, 25,557.09
R&M Greenkeeper Ltd, 26,581.75
Rafferty Poultry Ltd, 54,996.79
Rafferty Poultry Ltd, 54,965.72
Rafferty Poultry Ltd, 63,410.98
Raymond Turkington (Decorations), 12,243.88
Raymond Turkington (Decorations) Ltd, 9,523.20
Raymond Turkington Dec Ltd, 21,305.17
Renewable Heat Generation Limited, 41,255.96
ROL Testing Ltd, 19,873.24
RTC Engineering LTD, 38,971.42
Sandvik Limited T/As Sandvik Construction Mobile Crushers and Screens, 9,683.68
Skea Egg Farms Ltd, 7,612.20
Skea Egg Farms Ltd, 20,337.25
Skye Body Repair Ltd, 20,880.57
Slatequarry Farms Ltd, 13,445.30
Slatequarry Farms Ltd, 6,153.28
The Ryandale Inn (Moy) Ltd, 22,535.30
Tullygoney Engineering & Fabrication Ltd, 32,761.32
Ultra Spreader International Ltd T/A Ultraplant Ltd, 23,341.80
Wright's Poultry Ltd, 13,727.99
Wright's Poultry Ltd, 17,171.61


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