Moygashel Granny's crash landing ordeal

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Moygashel Granny's crash landing ordeal thumbnailMrs Kay Smith, with her great granddaughter Poppy.

A MOYGASHEL granny was left "shaken and distressed" as her plane was forced to crash land at Belfast International Airport.


Kay Smith, fifty-two other passengers and four crew members were on board the Flybe flight BE331 from Belfast City Airport to Inverness.


However, shortly after take-off the pilot identified a problem with the landing gear.


The flight was forced to crash land at Belfast International Airport, after spending more than one hour above the Irish Sea.


Only one person suffered a physical injury - a sprained thumb.


However, Kay, who celebrates her 88th birthday today (Tuesday) and had been planning to spend it with her son in Inverness was left very confused as to how she could have ended up in Belfast International Airport.


Her son Andrew explains: "The flight took off as expected from Belfast City Airport at 11am, I phoned my brother at 1.15pm to make sure she was ok and was told that she hadn't arrived yet.


"My brother told me that Flybe had informed him the flight would be landing at Belfast International Airport at that point we knew something wasn't right and started to worry.


"Thankfully they landed safely but when we got to her she was shaken and distressed, she thought she had got on the wrong plane or done something wrong to have ended up at Belfast International Airport.


"It took a bit of time for her to understand what had happened.


"I have asked her what the landing was like, and she said it was ok so the pilot must have done a very good job getting the plane down gently."


The British Airline Pilots Association has praised the actions of the pilot.


"Landing without a nose gear is a very difficult manoeuvre but one pilots train extensively for," said a spokesperson for the association.


"Flybe pilots appear to have a done a sterling job."


It is understood the majority of passengers were transported to Dublin where they were able to complete their journey.


However, it is unclear when or how Flybe will compensate Kay for her lost journey.


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